“The View” Attacks Mike Pence For Walking Out Of NFL Game, Watch Meghan McCain As She Stood Up For Our Vice President (Video)

On Monday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to Vice President Mike Pence walking out of an NFL game over National Anthem protests.

Meghan McCain wasted no time separating herself from her co-hosts on “The View” during her first day, saying she would have walked out of the Colts game too had she witnessed players kneeling during the National Anthem. Watch the video below.

According to Gossip Cop:

“Was this a $250,000 publicity stunt?” Whoopi Goldberg asked on the ABC talk show. Responded Joy Behar, “Pence is kind of like a prop. Trump says to do this, he does it.”
Behar also pointed out that the kneeling started to protest racial injustice and accused Pence and Trump, “They’re making it about patriotism and the anthem.” McCain, however, asked, “Don’t you think this has become a distraction from the original purpose of Black Lives Matter?”

Goldberg disagreed, and Sunny Hostin said a veterans’ group found that taking a knee is “the most respectful way to protest.” She further said, “When you are a public servant, you are supposed to enforce the Constitution. And for the government, through Pence and the president, for you to tell people not to exercise your constitutional right, that’s very un-American.”

But McCain deemed the controversy a “culture war,” and explained why the flag and the National Anthem “mean more to me than just symbolism.” She insisted, “I think we can have a conversation about both things while respecting what the American flag and the National Anthem mean to people like me.”

McCain stressed of the protestors, “I didn’t say they don’t have the right to. The constitutional right to protest is the very fabric of America.” But she finds the kneeling “disrespectful,” and declared, “If I was there with Vice President Pence, I would’ve walked, too.” Countered Hostin, “That’s the thing, it’s not disrespectful to the flag. It’s very patriotic.”

With this, they only continue proving what insane lunatics they are, and that the people should not watch them at all. Why watch someone when the hosts of the show are total nutball liberal wackos who know nothing about anything.