Pence Donates Blood To Support Scalise

Today’s actions prove exactly the type of man Pence is… selfless. Everything I have ever seen or heard about the man has him putting others before himself.

As promised, our president and this administration are putting the brave men and women who sacrifice everything for this country first.

A Clear example was shown today with solidarity for victims of the GOP baseball shooting, Vice President Mike Pence donated blood during a Capitol Hill blood drive. So this is man who would give his own blood for the sake of other people that live in our country what a change since the previous administration!
[email protected] Pence donating blood & getting update on @SteveScalise during Capitol Hill blood drive to support those wounded in shooting last week,” Pence’s press secretary wrote on Twitter with a photo of the vice president giving blood.

Pence tweeted a photo of himself with a group of nurses at the drive and photos of congressmen giving blood.