Sean Spicer Gets Promotion!

The long rumored White House shake-up is under way. Trump has not been happy with the messaging his communications team has been able to deliver for some time.

Look, messaging and managing the media is a critical job for a modern President. Keeping the hounds at bay is just smart politics.

He’s actually getting a promotion to a higher position in the administration involving communications.

He must rely on a dedicated staff who oftentimes must make decisions on the fly. Trump himself came out and told the media to go easy on Sean Spicer and the communications team for this reason.
He correctly pointed out how hard their job would be if Trump was a normal President, which he is not.

Trump is an honest politician. That’s the difference.

The media can’t handle it – they are so used to scripted lies that they are losing their minds with all the inside information Trump gives them.

It is unprecedented and while it is true Trump is his best spokesperson, he does need qualified staff to deliver his message.

Sean Spicer is a good guy who served Trump well and who has come under enormous criticism. Trump knows this and Trump is loyal so even before he makes a change Trump wants to make sure that Spicer is ok with it.

And it seems Spicer is more than ok, in fact, Sean is getting a promotion.

This tweet comes from a very well-connected insider who would know.

Bringing Corey Lewandoski back to the team – he never went too far and was always in touch with the administration – is another great move. Corey is a street fighter and this whole Russian thing is looking like it is going to be a nasty brawl.