Yesterday’s Pat Roberston: “Mark My Words, God Told Me The Republican Health Bill Will Pass”

Televangelist Pat Roberston started “The 700 Club” yesterday by insisting that the American Health Care Act, the GOP written bill meant to replace Obamacare, “is going to pass” and “they’re going to give Trump a victory.”

“It’s going to go through the Senate, and we’re all going to rejoice that we’re going to pay less on health care,” he said, even though most people would see their premiums skyrocket if the bill did manage to pass.

Robertson said that “he knew that the Lord was going to give Trump victory” and that God is working through Trump to do amazing things.

“They’re going to get it,” he said. “They’re going to give it to the president. Mark my word: it will pass. They will get those extra votes. It will go through. They’re going to work together to give us tremendous health care.”/theoswatch